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A Short Life of the Holy Mother

A Short Life of the Holy Mother

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Written by Swami Pavitrananda

"A good introduction to the life of the quiet, unassuming women who some say was greater than Sri Ramakrishna."

This short biography gives a brief overview of Holy Mother's life and mission. It gives inspiration to all with the comforting accounts about Sri Sri Sarada Devi and her Motherhood to one and all. Perfect for those who want a brief introduction to Holy Mother to find out more about this Divine Incarnation.

  • 92 pages Indian paperback

"In the pages of this book will be found the story of a life which was lived so silently and unostentatiously that its very simplicity was bewildering. Yet the depth of its richness seemed unfathomable even to those who were universally respected for their spiritual greatness. Indeed such a life defies analysis, and it is much more difficult to portray it. Even if we fail to comprehend the greatness of this Great Wonder fully, still will not even a partial glimpse of it bring us infinite good? Thus this attempt to portray the life of Sri Sarada Devi, the spiritual consort or Sri Ramakrishna, in short." Advaita Ashram Publications. 

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