Studies on the Tantra: Collected Works from Monks of the Ramakrishna Order

Studies on the Tantra: Collected Works from Monks of the Ramakrishna Order

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Studies on Tantra by the Editors of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture

A collection of articles on the Tantras by ten scholars and teachers.

  • Indian paperback, 198 pages 

"There is not much authentic literature about Tantra in the market today. No wonder there are many misconceptions about this great and useful science of religion. This book, a compilation of articles written by recognized scholars, may help remove some of these misconceptions".--Swami Lokeswarananda, Calcutta, August 1989

The Table of Contents:
The Tantrika Mode of Worship - by Swami Madhavananda
Evolution of the Tantras - by P.C. Bagchi
Philosophy of the Tantras - by Swami Pratyagatmananda
The Spiritual Heritage of India: The Tantras - by Govinda Gopal Mukherjee
The Spirit and Culture of the Tantras - by Atal Behari Ghosh
Tantra as a Way of Realization - by Swami Pratyagatmananda
Tantrika Culture Among the Buddhists - by Benoytosh Bhattacharya
The Cult of the Buddhist Siddhacaryas - by P.C. Bagchi
Sakti Cult of South India - by K.R. Venkataraman
Creation as Explained in the Tantras - by J.G. Woodroffe

A bibliography and index is included.

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