$69.00 USD

Similar to our original Karuna, this Karuna Embroidered Wool Shawl II features fine embroidery on soft blend of 80% wool & 20% viscose.  It has an earthy, green border. This classically beautiful shawl showcases the intricate embroidery traditions of Northern India in soft earthen tones on a silver base. The fine weave makes it the perfect weight to wear as a wrap for most seasons. 

  • Dimensions 28" x 78"
  • 80% Wool & 20% Viscose.
  • 100% Fair Trade

Chikankari is a form of hand embroidery that has been passed down through generations. The process begins with planning the design, sketching or block printing the design onto the cotton fabric, and then hand stitching the intricate patterns using a variety of intricate stitching styles. The embroidery motif is first block-printed on the fabric using an indigo dye which outlines the design, and the artisans thread yarn stitch-by-stitch though each section to create the exquisite embroidery pattern.  

These techniques take longer to produce with the overall process sometimes lasting 3 months to make a new collection of clothing available. We believe it is important to preserve the cultural heritage of artisans in India and that the wait is well worth it! The end result is a stunning wearable work of art that celebrates the crafts-womanship and creativity of these artisan groups.  

You will not find hand embroidered clothing in fast fashion outlets, and we offer affordable fair trade fashion that pays a living, fair trade wage to the women artisans, so the maker and the wearer can both take pride in each garment. It is especially important to us to work with women artisans, who are still widely underemployed around the world. Your purchases of fair trade clothing support their financial autonomy and status in their communities.

 Fair Trade + Socially Responsible + Providing work to craftsmen and women in India