$40.00 USD

The Remover of Obstacles Ganesha Kit includes everything you need for your home or sacred space to protect, calm, and purify. This makes a perfect gift set! Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles, paired with tiger eye-a protective stone and both Blue and Black rough Kyanite pieces to protect and cleanse, you have an amazing kit to heal and restore with. 

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Our genuine gemstones, California sage, and sweet brass Ganesha are meant to protect and calm your home. The kit also includes palo santo, white sage, and selenite for smudging and aromatherapy.

A $70 value for only $40! 

What's Included
  • One solid brass Ganesha handmade in India. 
  • One abalone shell for smudging.
  • One piece of Black Rough Kyanite and Several pieces of Rough Blue Kyanite.
  • One polished tiger-eye tumblestone. 
  • One stick of California White Sage with dried rose petals
  • One stick of Ethically Sourced Palo Santo
  • One stick of rough selenite. 
  • 100% Eco-Friendly shipping supplies shipped in gifting box as shown in photos

  • Slight variations and very subtle imperfections naturally occur in each piece. Since each piece is mined from the earth and hand-polished, there are beautiful but slight variations from one piece to the next. These are not considered defects. 

Blue Kyanite is known as a metaphysical tool to clear negative vibrations and is used as a tool of comfort and grounding.  You can place them in your meditation space, next to the place where you sit or sleep the most, or your office space to help with keeping grounded in the workplace. 

Black Kyanite is known to sweep away the negativity with these "witches brooms". Found in metamorphic rock, kyanite is a mineral and is usually found as a bladed crystal. They are used as a metaphysical tool to clear negative vibrations and are used as a tool of comfort and grounding. Their many knick names known as witches broom signifies its qualities of helping negative fleet.

Tiger Eye is an amazing stone that brings the energies of courage, confidence, strength, will power, and fierce spiritual protection! It pairs well with many of our other gemstone

Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles is known for being an auspicious piece to place in your home. He is literally prayed to in order to remove our obstacles.