$2.85 USD

Excellent tumbled stones in pure tiger eye. These tumbled stones are genuine crystals and perfect for placing in your home/office for protection and good vibes. They also go great with our crystal grids. 

Carved from genuine and true tiger eye from our artisan partners in India. These make the perfect pocket stone, decorative stone, healing stone, any stone! They also pair perfectly with any of our crystal grids and can be used to make a beautiful healing design. 

Each stone has been hand-polished to perfection! 

  • Approximately 1 inch in width and length
  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone weighs approx .4-.6 ounces
  • Ethically sourced from known mines in India
  • Each piece is unique and please expect subtle variations from the ones shown in photos, although we only ship beautiful high-quality pieces! 
About Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is an amazing stone that brings the energies of courage, confidence, strength, will power, and fierce spiritual protection! It pairs well with many of our other gemstone bracelets.