$10.95 USD

Absolutely induces a devotional mood. This fragrance is floral and sandalwood smelling but perfectly balanced to create one of our favorite aromas of any incense, anywhere.

It is another variation of our popular Sandalwood Incense. Has a stronger fragrance than our regular sandalwood incense.

We currently have the larger bundle available that is 100 grams of White Sandalwood incense or the smaller bundle of 25 grams-over 20 sticks of long-burning incense. 

The Deva Shop brings you many varieties of incense from the Vedanta Society of California. We have exclusively chosen them for sourcing our incense as they import high-quality, fair trade, non-toxic incense. Pure materials are used for hand-rolling and never are harsh chemicals used or synthetic fragrances as found in so many popular incenses. They are truly our favorite!