$12.00 USD

Absolutely love these shimmering bundles of joy!! Titanium Aura Quartz! Place these in window sills, gardens, bookcases, meditation rooms, anywhere! This is your next must-have crystal piece. Kids love them too! 

3 Styles to Choose from, see the numbered picture to see which one speaks to you! 

The iridescent splendor is permanent and will not come off. The properties are literally changed in the Quartz by being superheated in a vacuum and infused with titanium. The different materials bond and produce these stunning crystals in a true rainbow of colors! As you view the crystal from different angles. the colors change from one vibrant set to the next. Beautiful! 

  • Measures approximately 3 inches in length 
  • Handmade in Gujarat, India 
  • Sourced from known mines in India. 
  • Beautifully cut and polished
  • Each piece is unique so do expect some variance in size, clarity, and shape from piece to piece. No picture can truly capture the amazing variety of color in these crystals. 
About Titanium Aura Quartz

These are wonderful for meditation. Add them to your sacred space for a boost in concentration, peace, and quieting of the mind for your meditation practice. 
Titanium molecules are bonded to the quartz by the natural electro-static charge of the crystal. Titanium is one of the strongest and most beautiful of all metals. The amazing colors are permanent and will neither rub off nor fade. Because the colors are produced by blending natural substances with a natural affinity, and not by a dye, the metaphysical properties are enhanced rather than destroyed.

An excellent stone for creativity, both removing blockages to creativity and enhancing creative powers. An intensely visual stone, place this in a prominent place where it can be continually admired.