$4.50 USD

Sweep away the negativity with these "witches brooms".

Found in metamorphic rock, kyanite is a mineral and is usually found as a bladed crystal. 

They are used as a metaphysical tool to clear negative vibrations and are used as a tool of comfort and grounding. Their many knick names known as witches broom signifies its qualities of helping negative fleet.

  • It is a perfect aid for meditation and doing any grounding work. 
  • They measure 2 inches long. 
  • Use them on any chakra and in any environment and paired with any crystal. 
  • Listing is for one piece.

Neither amplification or absorption is noted for this crystal as it is said to not absorb vibrations nor does it need cleansing. It just helps facilitate movement between crystals so it is a wonderful piece to place with other crystals.