$7.00 USD

Cleanse & Purify with this California White Sage Smudge Stick value bundle. We love offering these at such an affordable price for the sage lover with this generous size. These are our largest bundles at 9" to 10" long.

  • Grown and harvested in California
  • Pure White Sage
  • Hand-tied extra large bundle
  • Price is for one 9 -10 inch long bundle 

California wild-crafted and each bundle is hand-tied. Burning sage benefits include a shift in the feeling of the space it is burned in from one of stressful or "bad vibes" to one that is very peaceful. The purifying smoky aroma of sage clears the air and helps one feel a sense of calm. It has a very earthy and botanical fragrance.

Pairs perfectly with our smudging dishes.

How to Smudge

New to Smudging? Simply take the white sage (or our palo santo) and light the botanical until it begins to light and then blow out and let it smolder. The smoke that fills the air is what you want to use to smudge in your space. You can simply walk around the space, room/home that you want to smudge. We recommend chanting your personal mantra or if you don’t have one simply think good positive thoughts and imagine you are filling the space you are “clearing” with love and light. Carry one of our abalone shells or smudging dishes with you as you smudge so that the ashes fall in it. You may need to relight and repeat until you have gone through the whole area. Don’t forget to smudge corners and tight spaces as that is where the stale energy or negative energy can congregate. Once you are done, relax in your newly smudged space and allow the peace to usher in.

*Always use caution when lighting objects and never leave unattended.