$19.50 USD

Made out of pure, beautiful copper, this Om bowl can be used for burning both incense and smudging. You can fill it with sand and use as an incense holder or use it to smudge botanicals such as white sage, palo santo, eucalyptus and many more. 

It has a beautiful border on the rim and bottom of the bowl with 4 Om Symbols placed around the bowl. The perfect size without being too big or too small, the diameter measures 4 inches. 

Perfect for your altar or sacred space, or give as the perfect gift along with some smudging sticks to the mindful friend.

  • Diameter measures 4 inches.
  • Handmade of pure copper
  • Made in India
  • For use with smudging or incense. 

  "OM" is the symbol of absolute. This sacred word encompasses the whole universe, including the past, present and future. Om is the essence of all that is sacred and represents universal knowledge. It is chanted at the beginning of prayer, meditation and yoga.