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Sandalwood Classic Incense

Sandalwood Classic Incense

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Best incense in California, hands down! Authentic Indian incense is hard to find, and especially ones that are non-toxic and not full of strong, synthetic perfumes. Set the devotional vibe with this incense. It will help aid mediation and gather your thoughts so that you can get focused and get your meditation practice in.

Sandalwood is by far our most popular incense. It is a light incense especially treasured by those who do not care for the more common sweet and heavy incense. This fragrance is part of our Indian Temple Incense brand.

The Deva Shop exclusively carries incense from the Vedanta Society as it is super high quality, authentic, hand rolled, non toxic and directly imported from India responsibly sourced and providing job opportunities to village people in India.

Founded in Southern California by spiritual seekers and practioners, The Deva Shop provides sustainable income to artisans worldwide through our Fair Trade sourcing. We aim to give back to charities for people in marginalized communities and continue to support ancient art forms with our product offerings. We're also very passionate about the environment. That's why we package and ship all of our prodcuts in 100% eco-friendly shipping supplies, biodegradalbe materials, and recyclable materials. 

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