$4.25 USD

Tribal Soul White Copal Incense Sticks made by Hari Darshan of India. This is a highly perfumed Indian incense. A very strong smell that incense lovers will appreciate and love! It reminds us of being in India and visiting sacred sites and temples. However, be aware that this is a very strong so if you are not a fan of strong smelling incense, try our Classic Sandalwood incense or Green Rose incense. 

The incense is beautifully presented, it creates its surprise when you open the box, it is in a paper bag that protects it from moisture accompanied by a small feather, a particular packaging that amazes and changes other boxes of incense that we know.

  • Beautifully packaged box with pull out drawer and sweetly decorated incense bag.
  • The packaging is made of all eco-friendly materials. 
  • Highly perfumed Indian incense
  • Fair Trade from India
  • Non Toxic.Hand Rolled in India. No Animal By-Products. No Child Labour Used, Environment Friendly.
  • This box contains between 10 and 12 sticks of white Copal incense.
  • Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
  • Sticks Size: 8" Long

Copal originates from the Aztec Nahuatil word 'Coalli' and refers to the variety of resins extracted from the trees of the "Bursera" family. Thousands of years ago, Copal was considered as a sacred resin by Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico and central America. The Mayans used to offer Copal to the gods as one of the most valuable things, along with tobacco and cocoa. Copal is still used today in shamanic ceremonies for energetic protection, offering and purification. It is an excellent incense to make positive changes. Copal, has a rich sweet, piney smell that brings peace and harmony"