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Hand Carved Wooden Kali Statue

Hand Carved Wooden Kali Statue

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Hand carved to perfection, Ma Kali is stunning with her perfect face and perfectly sculpted features. Made of solid wood. Bring this beautiful murti into your home and feel the joy, auspiciousness, and life-changing energy Kali will bring. 

For devotees of the Divine Mother Kali, this is a beautiful display of her grandeur.  Perfect for any altar, meditation space, or sacred space. 

Jai Ma Kali!

  • Handmade in India
  • Made of solid wood.
  • Hand-crafted and sculpted by our artisans in Jaipur, India
  • Measures 8" tall 

Kali is known as the Divine Mother of the Universe in Hinduism. Her fierce form and iconography show her as the slayer of demons which is just a representation of our egos. She liberates and gives boons to her children. She is worshipped all over India and many temples as well in the West as the Mother who is the Giver of all. 

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