About Us

Spiritual Gifts, Meditation Supplies, Food for the Heart and Soul!

The Deva Shop was forged from a desire to curate an ideal collection of spiritual gifts, meditation supplies and comfort food for the soul. We have meticulously curated our collections from our experiences around the globe and consciously selected our products from eco-friendly, sustainable and responsibly sourced artisans and make every effort to continually do so.

From our line of relaxing organic soaps and body creams to our meditation supplies for the novice and experienced spiritual aspirant, we want to welcome everyone to The Deva Shop and hope that you will find a sense of calm and warmth surrounding our collections. Relaxation and feeling peace are a right that belong to everyone, although peace is not bought in the marketplace, we can certainly provide you with some calming tools to balance the hectic world we live in. Om Shanti Shanti-Peace, Peace, Peace.

We have given extreme attention to detail to our product selection from every step of the way including all eco-friendly, beautiful packaging that your items will be shipped in. You will indeed enjoy the unboxing experience The Deva Shop offers. We also love supporting artisans in the US, and have hand selected many inspiring products you will find in our collections from local artisans from California and across the US. Many of our products are proudly made in the USA including our packing materials. 

We are a family owned business based in Southern California, very close to the Pacific Ocean that inspires us every day with its serenity and beauty. Our hope is to share that peace and calm with everyone who comes in contact with our store.  We are fortunate to be a part of spiritual community in Laguna Beach and know the importance of community when it comes to matters of the heart. Sign up for our newsletter to be a part of this community!

Our goal is to bring you products that illuminate and inspire but most of all bring you a sense of peace. All items make excellent gifts!

Never hesitate to email us and share your thoughts about our products! hello@thedevashop.com

Om Shanti Shanti-Peace, Peace, Peace

-The Deva Shop