collected works of ramana maharshi

Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi

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This cove wisdom literature is back in print after many years. Maharshi spent his life teaching the purest form of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) through the simple discipline of Self-Enquiry, Upadesa Saram, Fire Hymns to Arunachala, the two sets of Forty Versus, and miscellaneous pieces, including Atma Vidya.

This work contains almost everything written by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, his inspired compositions, and a number of translations from ancient Advaitic texts, representing the essence of his teachings. They fall into two categories-those which exemplify the path of surrender through love and devotion to the Divine, and those which are more doctrinal. The first group included the Five Hymns to Sri Arunachala, of which the first poem, The Marital Garland of Letters, "is among the most profound and moving poems in any language" and expresses the attitude of the soul aspiring for union with God.