$27.00 USD

Our Fair Trade large-sized and foldable meditation cushion is the perfect size to support any meditation or yoga practice. Beautifully designed and filled with natural, organic kapok fibers, this cushion will help strengthen and stabilize your practice.  For meditation purposes, you can easily adjust the height of this adaptable supportive cushion according to your needs. Available in three vibrant colors.

Choose which beautiful color you would like from the following choices: Black/Red Combo or Burgundy/Orange Combo or Teal/Turquoise

  • Dimensions: Open: 15.7" x 16" x 3"
    Closed: 15.7" x 8" x 6"
  • Two carrying handles and tie closure
  • Long-lasting and durable rollable yoga and meditation cushion with double-stitched ends. 
  • Filled with 100% natural and organic kapok fiber
  • Made in Thailand Fair Trade

 This essential yoga and meditation cushion, made from natural kapok fiber, has been used and recommended by numerous yoga communities and teachers.

For uses with yoga: 

Zafuko bulletpoint This zafu meditation pillow is remarkably practical and can be used for positions that require support (for your knees, elbows or forearms).

Zafuko bulletpoint This versatile cushion can be used in several yoga inversion positions (supporting your head on the ground), easing poses that often cause pain or discomfort.

Zafuko bulletpoint This zafu cushion can help you avoid pain in seated positions by supporting the tailbone or hips.

Zafuko bulletpoint Helps keep your back straight and facilitate breathing during pranayam and  optimal comfort for difficult postures.

Zafuko bulletpoint This printed zafu cushion is longer (2 inches) and higher (.8 inches) than the classical yoga cushion, allowing for more support 

What is Kapoc?

We use 100% natural kapok. Kapok comes from the kapok tree, which grows in rainforests throughout Southeast Asia. The kapok fiber grows inside of 6-8" pods that grow from the tree. When the pods dry out, they are ready to be harvested from the tree. Kapok is similar to cotton, and is perfect for our Zafu cushions, as it moulds to your body providing structured support. 

Kapok is similar to a high quality down -- but is hypoallergenic and made from plant material. Kapok fibers are up to 8x less dense as cotton, and is even waterproof and quick drying. Kapok's texture is soft and smooth, yet malleable and resilient, which is why it is perfect for the supportive yet fluffy feel of our cushions. 

Supporting fair-trade in Thailand. Our suppliers have been supporting fair-trade workers in Thailand since 2015, and believe that as a business, it is our responsibility to be sure that workers are paid fair wages and are working in clean and healthy environments. It is their mission to expand their fair-trade program and continue to offer better job opportunities. 


  • Optimal Hip Support
    For Yoga & More comfortable seated meditation

  • Lightweight
    And durable enough for Yoga Poses

  • Eco-Friendly
    We use only plant-based materials

  • Hypoallergenic
    Made with Organic materials

  • Fairtrade
    And sustainable sourced from Thailand