$24.99 USD

Featuring our best-selling Green Rose incense coupled with all of the essential supplies for smudging. Burn these beautiful botancials and fragrant incense to uplift the mood, inspire, and purify your space in style! 

Including California White Sage, Ethically Sourced Palo Santo, a beautifully painted Om incense burner, and USDA organic lavender buds satchel. You have a complete kit for creating a divine mood with sweet and calming fragrance. 

Value smudging bundle! 


Natural botanicals and calming fragrances to soothe your soul and create your sacred space. These divine fragrances are aids to meditation and help create a positive mood. 

The smudging bundle includes: 

1. Vinason's Green Rose Incense-One Box.

2. Om Incense Burner-Handmade in India. Made out of solid sandstone.

3. California White Sage bundled with dried purple flowers beautifully wrapped in 100% cotton string OR sage with different colored rose petals. Whichever we have in stock. Both are simply beautiful. 

4. Ethically Sourced Palo Santo. Long-lasting. One stick included. 

5. USDA 100% certified organic lavender satchel with lavender buds

How to Use:

We recommend you begin the smudging process first. Use your palo santo and sage first. Just light a part of the white sage stick and palo santo and burn for a few seconds or minutes. However long feels good to you.

You can use the stone plate or any smudging dish to catch the ashes and extinguish the smoke if needed. You can also lean the sage and palo santo on the stone plate while it burns. Never leave lighted objects unattended.

Next, light your incense and place incense stick in your incense burner. Take a deep breath from your lavender satchel if you want. 

You space is now prepped for meditation or just enjoying the divine fragrance. 

Need more instructions on smudging with Palo Santo? Read our Palo Santo Blog for inspiration.