$68.00 USD

Hanuman, one of the most famous devotees of Lord Rama, is a favorite among all. Known for his bravery in battle and the rescue of Sita, Hanuman's unflagging devotion to God is second to none. 

Hand carved to perfection, Hanuman is stunning and serene with his perfect face and perfectly sculpted features. Made of solid wood.


    • Made of natural wood.
    • Hand-crafted and painted by our artisans in Jaipur, India
    • Measures 6.5" tall by 3" wide
    • Handmade in India

He gives strength, protection and encouragement to those who worship him. A perfect piece for altar or use as home decor. Adorable and a special favorite of children. Makes a wonderful gift for children paired with our children's Ramayana book (although many adults have been known to read the children's version of Hindu stories as they explain key concepts easily with pictorial representations in an easy to understand manner).

Hanuman is the monkey God, most famous for his devotion and love for Lord Rama. His people were great warriors; courageous, loyal, honest and gentle. Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the wind god in Hinduism, and he has great physical strength and extraordinary powers.