$29.00 USD


This simplistic yet delightful tray is perfect for both everyday and celebratory use. Its bright circular splashes of color add a decorative element to your breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

This handwoven beauty can be used as a fruit or bread basket, or as a tray to serve drinks and snacks. Alternatively, place it on the hallway shelf to hold papers, keys, and other little kick-knacks.


  • Color: Natural with inner - Salmon circle
  • Specs: 11" Diameter / 2"H
  • Material: Seagrass
  • Made in Philippines

The beauty of the product is not only in its looks but also in its origin. Coming from the cottage industry of the Philippines, where community and crafts are life's greatest pleasures, these unique trays are made by highly skilled artisans using nature's own seagrass. The maker's love and passion are handwoven into each beautiful piece.

Meet the Artisans:

In the Sarawak region of Borneo Island, surrounded by dense green rainforest and steep limestone mountains, indigenous tribes of the Bidayuh come together during the low agriculture season to weave a variety of traditional baskets.

 Although the areas in which they weave have been adversely affected by overdevelopment, we provide an opportunity for these women to earn a fair and sustainable income, and to share their vibrant traditions across borders.

The nomadic Penan weavers practice their rattan basketry craft in tune with the magnificent nature which surrounds them. Residing in the depths of the rainforest in the Kuba'An Puak region of Borneo Island, some weavers choose to come out of the jungle only to bring their crafts.

Showing admirable resourcefulness, the Penans gather raw materials from their surroundings. To this day, only traditional tools are used, such as machetes, and natural methods are applied to treat materials, such as seeds and leaves for the dyeing process. 

Rattan crafting and basketry practices are a supplemental source of income for many families who are agricultural farmers. The sustainability of their old-style crafting practice is in danger. Each handcrafted product captures the soul of the rainforest and its community. With one weave at a time, we’re helping the Penan Weavers continue to share their story and craft throughout generations.