Kali Ma Poster
Kali Ma Poster
Kali Ma Poster

Kali Ma Poster

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Jai Ma Kali! The beautiful Goddess in a beautiful poster print. For devotees of the Divine Mother Kali, this is a beautiful display of her grandeur.  

Just for reference, we have included a second photo of our Durga poster, same size as this Kali, that was framed so you can see the quality of these posters.

These look beautiful when framed! 

  • Size: 15" x 20" 
  • Printed in India
  • Excerpt song by the famous mystic/poet Ramprasad about Kali:

    "O Mother! my desires are unfulfilled;

    My hopes are ungratified;

    But my life is fast coming to an end.

    Let me call Thee, Mother, for the last time;

    Come and take me in Thy arms.

    None loves in the world;

    This world knows not how to love;

    My heart yearns, O Mother, to go there,

    Where love reigns supreme."