$38.99 USD

Gorgeous black and gold singing bowl with Buddha artistically placed inside. It has an excellent, soothing sound. Choose between a medium-sized bowl with a diameter of 5" or a smaller bowl with a diameter of 4". Highly recommended for relaxation, meditation, yoga, and sound therapy. It induces a peaceful environment and helps us to unwind and connect with resonating peaceful tones.

We also carry the teal singing bowl cushions shown in the photos. This looks gorgeous paired with any of our singing bowl cushions. 


  • Design: Lord Buddha
  • Size: Your choice of 4" (small) or 5" (medium) diameter
  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Comes with wooden mallet/stick
  • Hand Made in India

Minor scratches in these bowls are normal and not considered defects.

Tibetan Singing Bowl for Meditation + Healing + Yoga + Sound Therapy

How to Use

To create a sound from the bowl, gently rub the wooden mallet across the rim going around the rim in a circle. Then remove your hand and let the tone ring. Can be used as an aid for meditation.

About Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are a musical expression where the dharmic tones ring through the air helping to aid meditation and relaxation. They have been used for centuries throughout Asia and their dronal tones are iconic. Bring some peace, fun and sonic bliss to your space. Comes with natural wooden mallet.