$11.50 USD

Dazzling Jade Mini Ganesha! Watch it shimmer in the sunlight! Made of solid Jade this beauty is perfectly carved and ready for your sacred space. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and he brings auspiciousness to any space. 

He is invoked to clear our path, remove obstacles and bring in divine blessings. Made of solid Jade, this divine Ganesha statue is the perfect piece for your altar or home. Interestingly, a green Ganesha is considered even more auspicious and has been known to be handed down from generation to generation in Hindu families. Jade is a very famous crystal, its uses recorded throughout ancient history. Jade is a very protective stone and is known for absorbing energy. 

It dazzles in the sunlight and shimmers ever so subtly as you turn it in your hand. Simply divine! Bring peace and serenity into your home and let Ganesha do his job of clearing obstacles. 

  • Measures approximately 1 inch high
  • Made of solid jade
  • Handmade in Jaipur, India by skilled artisans
  • Sourced from known mines in India. 
  • Beautifully cut and polished
  • Slight variations and very subtle imperfections naturally occur in each piece. Since each piece is mined from the earth and hand-polished, there are beautiful but slight variations from one piece to the next. These are not considered defects. 


Jade pairs beautifully with citrine and clear quartz.  Be sure to visit our Healing Crystals collection for more gemstone pieces. 

Ganeshas astral day is Wednesday aligning with the color green which is another origin of the auspiciousness of having a green Ganesha. Jade is known for its protection it gives as well as interrupting negative thought patterns. It corresponds to the heart chakra.  

Ganesha is the elephant-headed deity, son of Shiva and Parvati. He is known as the scribe for the Mahabharata, the biggest epic ever composed and worshipped extensively throughout India and all over the world. He is invoked first during ritualistic worship in Hinduism, known as puja, as his blessings are sought for auspiciousness to one and all.