Shiv Shakti Mat - The Deva Shop
Shiv Shakti Mat - The Deva Shop
Shiv Shakti Mat - The Deva Shop
Shiv Shakti Mat - The Deva Shop

Shiv Shakti Mat

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Another inspirational and simply gorgeous mat from Shakti Warriror. 100% Eco-Friendly, durable, cushiony and gets us going on some much-needed stretching and stress relief.

Tigers represent incredible strength. The duality of its strong physical male energy and intuitive female energy allows them to come out victorious in the face of adversity. Feel the power every time you step on this mat.

Shiv Shakit Yoga Mat

  • Excellent grip and non-slip performance
  • 5mm thickness to provide cushioning for the joints
  • Added non-slip grip at the back to prevent sliding
  • Good Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Free from harmful phthalates
  • Eco-friendly : Oeko Tex certified
  • Good for regular and hot yoga
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Sizing: 24" W x 72" L, 5mm thickness


The mat is OEKO-TEX, an environmental certification agency in Europe for the textile industry. The mats are manufactured in a way to ensure there are no toxic emissions released into the atmosphere.

All designs are made using water based inks to avoid chemicals

Founded in Southern California by spiritual seekers and practioners, The Deva Shop provides sustainable income to artisans worldwide through our Fair Trade sourcing. We aim to give back to charities for people in marginalized communities and continue to support ancient art forms with our product offerings. We're also very passionate about the environment. That's why we package and ship all of our prodcuts in 100% eco-friendly shipping supplies, biodegradalbe materials, and recyclable materials.