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Shiva Linga

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Auspicious Shiva Linga imported directly from India. The Shiva Linga is the symbolic stone of Lord Shiva and is worshipped by millions. He simply brings peace to any space. Place him on a rudraksha mala, on your altar, in gardens or any place in your home to bring the calming energies of Lord Shiva into your space.

The Shiva Linga stone has many meanings but it is most known as the formless aspect of Shiva and represents the cessation of desires and merging into the formless One.

Note this is a natural stone and will vary in size and color.

  • Approximately 3 inches in length.
  • No two pieces are the same as there are natural stones.
  • These were offered during Navaratri to our Durga shrine.

Founded in Southern California by spiritual seekers and practioners, The Deva Shop provides sustainable income to artisans worldwide through our Fair Trade sourcing. We aim to give back to charities for people in marginalized communities and continue to support ancient art forms with our product offerings. We're also very passionate about the environment. That's why we package and ship all of our prodcuts in 100% eco-friendly shipping supplies, biodegradalbe materials, and recyclable materials. 

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Due to the prompt and diligent work of Heather & David at Deva shop, I was able to receive 2 Bana Shiva Lingas and also another custom requested 10” Bana Shiva Linga as well. Simply divine and wonderful! My thanks to Heather for going the extra mile here.

✨Narmade Har!✨