The Buddha: Cones for Happiness

The Buddha: Cones for Happiness

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Goloka Black Series, Cone Incense
from the Maker of Goloka NagChampa

We love the Goloka brand as they are a non-profit entity in India who are world re-known for their amazing incense quality and fragrance. The specialty of Goloka Seva Trust is that 100% of the proceeds go for charitable activities while you enjoy quality products. Made in Bangalore India, this charitable company helps many children and promotes organic farming in India.

  • Scent: The Buddha
  • Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
  • Cone Size: 1" Long
  • Handmade in India
  • No child labor used
  • No Animal by-products
  • Environment friendly
  • Recyclable paper used
  • Non-Toxic
Goloka THE BUDDHA Natural Incense Cones
Incense for Happiness
"There is no path to HAPPINESS
The Buddha