Tiger Eye Sphere - The Deva Shop
Tiger Eye Sphere - The Deva Shop
Tiger Eye Sphere - The Deva Shop

Tiger Eye Sphere

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 Tiger Eye beautifully polished sphere. Life and strength-giving tiger eye adds a perfect balance to any space. Pairs great with clear quartz. Place together on your favorite bookcase, window sill, or table.

Tiger eye spheres look especially gorgeous next to potted house plants and succulents. The earth tones of tiger eye complement any decor and bring the added benefits of natural crystals to your space.

Spherical shaped crystals are very significant. This particular shape has the energy of wholeness, completeness and oneness. Give your space some calming vibes.

  • Approximately 1-1 1/4 inch in diameter.
  • 1 spherical tiger eye crystal.

All of The Deva Shop crystals are hand-picked in Los Angeles where we work with our ethically sourced supplier. They come directly from mines in Brazil, Lithuania and other international crystal mines. All of our crystals are cleansed with sage and incense before shipping. May you find the healing benefits in our crystals and enjoy their natural beauty.

How to Clean Crystals? Use a microfiber cloth when it is time to dust them. To "cleanse" them, burn sage, eucalyptus, palo santo or other natural herbals and gently waft the smoke around your crystals. You can follow up the smudging with your favorite incense. Check out our collection of non-toxic, fairtrade incense. You can also leave your crystals in the window sill on a full moon night to "charge" them. Full moons are auspicious for this purpose.

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