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Unakite Healing Tower-4.5 Inches Tall

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These Unakite Towers show off a beautiful blend of green and pink stone that they are famously known for. Unakite is a stone known for balance, grounding the self while bringing emotions and spirituality together. They are carved to perfection!

These are wonderful for meditation. Add them to your sacred space for a boost in concentration, peace, and quieting of the mind for your meditation practice. 

  • 4.5 Inches Tall and beautifully carved!
  • Measures approximately is 4.5 inches tall
  • Handmade in Gujarat, India 
  • Sourced from known mines in India. 
  • Beautifully cut and polished
  • Slight variations and very subtle imperfections naturally occur in each piece. Since each piece is mined from the earth and hand-polished, there are beautiful but slight variations from one piece to the next. These are not considered defects. 

All of our healing crystals create a beautiful and uplifting space no matter what you believe about their benefits.  Be sure to visit our Healing Crystals collection for more gemstone pieces. 


Unakite is associated with two chakras: to the third eye chakra and to the heart chakra for its ability to balance emotions. It is not a current birthstone, but it has been historically assigned to March. It is also thought to offer patience and balance to Capricorn and Scorpio. 

Unakite is technically a rock and not a gemstone made up of multiple other stones. This gives unakite its familiar moss-on-brick appearance. The patterns, durability and affordability of unakite have also made it a useful stone for architecture--its most prominent use is trimming on the front steps of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.!

This metamorphic rock is formed when granite is altered by hydrothermal activity. Unakite--also referred to as epidote/epidotized granite--blends green epidote, pink orthoclase feldspar and clear quartz . 

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