Wooden Om Box
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Wooden Om Box

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This beautifully hand-carved box made in India is a perfect box for keepsakes, crystals, sage, jewelry, and incense. The sacred Om symbol is carved out expertly on top of the box with a perfect, dark wood stain to accentuate the hand-carved sacred expression. The construction is very solid and artistic, making you feel like this box holds your sacred treasures and your favorite keepsakes. 

You can fit several crystals in here and a stick of sage. Or use this as your sacred space to keep your mala in when you are not wearing it. The possibilities are endless and it looks great in any setting. 

Pair it with our smudging supplies or crystals to bundle a thoughtful gift for the mindful friend. 

  • Measures 4 inches by 6 inches
  • The lid is hinged and opens and closes nicely.
  • Handmade in India


Meanings of the Sacred Om Symbol: There are many interpretations and meanings of the word Om, the sacred syllable to the Hindus. There are even entire scriptures written about its sonic and subtle meanings. It is used for chanting and meditation. The effects produced from repeating this sacred sound are well documented. One can simply chant the word over and over for a few minutes as a meditation or even find a recording on YouTube and let it play in your space and use an aid to relax. 

Swami Swahananda from the Hollywood Vedanta Society provided this excerpt on the sacred syllable:  "In addition to form symbols, sound symbols or mantras play an important part in the Hindu religion. The sound symbols, like the form symbols, are embodiments of consciousness through which God may be communicated. In the scriptural teachings concerning mantras, it is pointed out that every form has a corresponding sound, and every sound must have a corresponding form.

The most important mantra is the Om, or Aum. It represents the undifferentiated Brahman. As the personal God, its three letters A, U, M, represent his aspects of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and their powers. The vibration of Om is the sound-Brahman or the first manifestation of the primordial Person. Om is the ground sound and ground movement of nature. Out of Om everything else has evolved. It is a symbol of universality. Every uttered sound is particular, produced from the strokes of the vocal organs and broken into parts. But Om is the universal unstruck sound behind all broken sounds. As an effective spiritual practice, repetition of the sacred syllable Om with steady and lengthened utterance is prescribed.

In the yogic tradition, the mantras are regarded as the special manifestations of the supreme Power. The essence of mantra yoga—the way to God by means of the mantra—is the constant repetition of the divine name, which leads to illumination."

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