$14.00 USD

We bring you this award winning children's game that incorporates yoga poses for children! It develops kids' life skills, including making choices, improvising, complimenting others, patience and using yoga to stay in the moment. Provides kids with hours of wholesome entertainment, in solo or group play!

Winner of the “TOP FUN” Award from Tillywig Toy Awards in 2019 and featured in the TrendGallery of Spielwarenmesse 2019!

Includes 4 wooden dice: 3 yoga dice illustrating 18 yoga poses and a special instruction die.

Portable tube package for easy and compact carry. 

How To Play
  • YOGi DiCE introduces kids to the joy of yoga poses and sequences. Players take turns rolling all four dice. Depending on what is rolled on the instruction die, the player might perform one or all three poses that were rolled or might even add their own variations!

    • Each symbol on the instruction die helps children to develop the following skills: choosing, breathing, improvising, dealing with “good” or “bad” luck, and opening their hearts to their friends and saying nice words. The YOGi DiCE will surely please your little angels and keep them entertained for hours. All while they practice yoga poses and learn important values and skills.

      The YOGi DiCE enable kids to practice yoga with sisters and brothers, parents or even grandparents, in a joyful & special way!


      •  YOGi DiCE includes 3 high-quality wooden dice with 18 colorful illustrated yoga poses, one instruction die, and an instruction page with simple and intuitive instructions that will have you playing almost instantly. 

        This game is made of high quality wood with no sharp edges and is so pleasant to hold! It is suitable for kids ages 5 and up, beginners or experienced yoga practitioners. 

        It’s all packed in a compact grab & go package that can easily be carried anywhere!