How to Clean Your Crystals

How to Clean Your Crystals

How to Clean Your Crystals

Crystals are known for absorbing vibrations and holding the intentions that you set in them. They are generally known to soak up or add to the vibrations where they are placed. This means they can absorb both good and bad energy and will need to be cleansed occasionally to reset or recharge them. 

When should you cleanse them?

When you move your crystals from one room to another or hold them frequently, or if they have been in an emotionally charged environment, they should be cleansed. Also clean them when you intuitively feel like it is time and you have noticed a stagnant feeling around them. 

Why is this important? 

We believe crystals can help create a positive and calming environment. The more you interact with them and put your intentions and good vibes, bad vibes, whatever vibes in them, they will amplify your intentions. Similar to using malas during japa meditation, the more you interact with crystals, care for them, and clean them, the more you will get out of them. 

Methods for cleaning crystals 

There are several methods for cleaning, and all are considered equally effective.

  • Full Moon Cleansing: Moonlight is known for cleansing crystals. We recommend setting your crystals outside or on a windowsill during a full moon. This is said to totally clear and recharge them. The special healing power of a full moon offers a cleansing touch to crystals. 
  • Smudge them with sage: Light your sage and let the smoke waft over them. It is a good practice to pick the crystal up and get all sides of it, underneath and all around. Do this for as long as it feels comfortable. 
  • New to smudging or using sage? Use a flame to light your sage bundle, let it catch aflame briefly, then blow it out. You can start the smudging process once the sage starts smoking. Gently wave the smudge stick around your crystals and say a prayer, mantra or affirmation. Ask any negative energy to leave the environment, and invite any good energy to stay, making sure you connect your breathing and move clockwise through the area. You must smudge every corner of the area where the crystals are placed to fully cleanse your space.

    While you are smudging it is best to use a smudging bowl, abalone shell, or incense holder to place the stick in. You may need to relight the bundle several times, as the sage can go out. Enjoy your newly smudged crystals and space. 

    Selenite charging or cleansing. Selenite is known as a cleansing or charging stone. It does not need to be cleansed itself; its purpose is primarily to cleanse other stones. It is the go-to stone for removing negative energy - even from us. To clear your crystals using selenite, it is best to set your crystals on a selenite slab, if you have one. You may also lean crystals against a selenite tower or other object for a minimum of 6 hours.

    Microfiber cloth or damp cloth. We do not recommend using water on all crystals, but crystals will get dusty just like anything else in our homes or spaces and will need to be kept clean - especially if they are not held often or moved from their location. In this case, I like to use a microfiber cloth to dust them off. You can follow up with a damp paper towel. Water is not recommended for cleaning crystals as it is known to damage some of the crystalline structure of some types of salt-based crystals - especially selenite. Never use water to clean selenite. 

  • Singing Bowl: Sacred sound vibrations that come from singing bowls are very healing, and are a popular for cleansing crystals. If you have a singing bowl, place it in your palm and move around your crystals as you play it. As the drone sounds, waft it around your crystals, imagining that the sound waves are rolling over your crystals and clearing them of any negative effects. 

  • After Cleansing

    After using one of the cleansing techniques listed above we recommend burning incense. You have cleared out the negative or stagnant energy, but you need to bring in peaceful and positive energy. This can be done with pure-crafted incense. As you burn the incense, reaffirm your intentions. You can now continue creating your positive and sacred space with the aid of beautifully cleansed crystals. 

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