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The Deva Shop

Peaceful Products to Illumine + Inspire

The Deva Shop was founded by Heather and David Hathaway, musicians, educators, and spiritual seekers based in Southern California. Inspired by the serenity and beauty of the Pacific Ocean, they strive to bring some of that peace into their own home. The Deva Shop arose from their desire to share that peace and calm with others.

(Pictured from left to right Swami Chetanananda, Heather & David Hathaway and Sri Sarada Devi's nephew,  Satya Brata in Kamarpukur, rural West Bengal village in India)

Spiritually Grounded Selection

Heather and David have meticulously curated The Deva Shop collections, informed by their experiences around the globe as spiritual seekers. All products are sourced from eco-friendly and sustainable artisans. Many products are proudly made in the USA - even the packing materials.

Relaxation and peacefulness are essential to everyone. Although peace cannot be bought in the marketplace, The Deva Shop seeks to offer some calming tools to balance the hectic world we all live in. Experienced spiritual musicians, they have curated collections of relaxation music and meditation music. From mindful gifts, organic soaps, and healing crystals to yoga and meditation supplies for novice and experienced spiritual aspirants, The Deva Shop’s collections are grounded in a sense of calm and warmth.

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The Home as a Sacred Place

Inspired by the wisdom and influence of the ancient Vedas, Heather and David chose the name “The Deva Shop” to ensure that the Divine remains central to their mission. The word “deva” relates to anything Divine and uplifting. The Deva Shop is designed to be a place where seekers of peace and relaxation can come to meet their needs - an ideal collection of spiritual gifts, meditation supplies, and comfort food for the soul that uplifts the home.

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Om Shanti Shanti - Peace, Peace, Peace
The Deva Shop

Eco-Friendly Intentions

We source high quality, eco friendly, organic and sustainable products. From our organic, sustainably packaged soaps to our 100% eco-friendly biodegradable cork yoga mat. We use all eco-friendly packing materials for shipping and unboxing. No plastic is used for packing and shipping. 

Responsibly Sourced 

.We feature many Certified Fair Trade Products.  Our hand-woven scarves imported from India provide jobs to village weavers. Our malas and soap dishes imported from Bali have high ethical standards and a commitment to social good supporting the Balinese village women. 

Supporting Women owned Businesses 

We strive to support women owned businesses with 90% of our products sourced from women owned businesses.  Heather Hathaway is a strong and resourceful woman and it has been her dream to support and empower other women. 

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