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A Short Life of Sri Ramakrishna - The Deva Shop

A Short Life of Sri Ramakrishna

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Written by Swami Tejasananda from the Ramakrishna Order.

This book is a relatively short biography of Sri Ramakrishna, one of Indian's greatest spiritual figures. This is a great introduction to Sri Ramakrishna's life in a short read.

  • 128 pages, Indian paperback

"Sri Ramakrishna’s life is a life of spirituality in practice, a sublime sonnet with a singular note of God consciousness, a summary of all that the scriptures of the world have to say, and even much more. To contain such a boundless life and personality within a few pages is certainly as audacious a task as to attempt to contain the ocean in a pot. Yet this book humbly attempts to portray his life and personality in a clear and candid style." Advaita Ashram Publications. 

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