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Kali, The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar

Kali, The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar

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This is a wonderful introduction to the Goddess Kali, known lovingly by her devotees as Ma Kali or Kali Ma. This particular book on Kali focuses on detailed descriptions of Kolkata’s famous Dakshineswar temple and Ma Bhavatarini, the form of Kali worshipped there.

Authored by Elizabeth (Usha) Harding, President of Kali Mandir Temple in Laguna Beach, California. Usha Ma is an ardent and pure devotee of Sri Ramakrishna and Kali. Writing this book with a Western audience in mind, she has truly captured the spirit of Dakshineswar and the Saints that have graced its holy grounds.

It provides a wealth of information about the worship of Goddess Kali by giving an intimate account of her history and worship. Learn about the temple’s festivals & daily rituals, and discover inspiring accounts of some of this tradition’s ecstatic saints. A great introduction to Kali worship of the Divine Mother at one of Her most living temples.

Paperback, with many original photographs including a full color photo of Ma Bhavatarani Dakshineswari, taken by Usha herself in the 80s and is famously known all over Kolkata.

Excerpt from Chapter 1, a quote from a song by the famous mystic/poet Ramprasad:

"O Mother! my desires are unfulfilled;

My hopes are ungratified;

But my life is fast coming to an end.

Let me call Thee, Mother, for the last time;

Come and take me in Thy arms.

None loves in the world;

This world knows not how to love;

My heart yearns, O Mother, to go there,

Where love reigns supreme."

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