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Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook

Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook

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Journey of Awakening, A Meditator's Guidebook by Ram Dass.

Ram Dass is an American psychologist and spiritual teacher who has studied and practiced meditation for many years. Here he shares his understanding and explores the many paths of meditation--from mantra, prayer, singing, visualizations, and " just sitting" to movement meditations such as tai chi--and suggests how you can find methods suitable for you. He illuminates the stages and benefits of meditative practice and provides wise and often humorous advice on overcoming difficulties along the way.

Published book reviews state: "Everyone has experienced a moment of pure awareness. A moment without thinking 'I am aware' or 'that is a tree.' Such moments bring a sense of rightness, of clarity, of being at one. Such moments are the essence of meditation," writes Ram Dass, who has spent many years as a bridge builder between East and West. He is a trained psychologist and a devotee of Neem Caroli Baba.

In this book originally published in 1978, he presents paths to self-realization via meditation. There are chapters on Setting Out, Picking a Path, Finding Your Way, Losing Your Way, Getting Stuck, and Getting Free. All seekers will recognize these stages in the journey of awakening. It is not an easy thing to escape our "thought prison" or to focus on just one thing. And even if one does triumph over these obstacles, there is still the danger of "spiritual pride." Ram Dass proves himself to be a master guide to the breadths and depths of meditation and its added values of mantra, singing, visualizations, and more.

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