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Vedanta, A Simple Introduction

Vedanta, A Simple Introduction

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by Pravrajika Vrajaprana

A concise, and delightful introduction to Vedanta, the philosophical backbone of Hinduism.

  • 90 pages US paperback

Written with verve and charm by a Western nun for a Western audience, this brief book gives a comprehensive overview of Vedanta philosophy while emphasizing its practical Western application.
Table of Contents:
1. Vedanta: An Overview
2. Why Are We Unaware of our Divinity?
 The Concept of Maya
3. The Problem of Suffering:
 Karma and Reincarnation
4 Spiritual Practice: The Yogas
5 Spiritual Basics: Ethical and Moral Virtues
6. The Harmony of Religions: "Truth is One;
 Sages Call It by Various Names"
7. The Oneness of Existence: Unity in Diversity
8. God in Human Form: The Avatar
9. Revitalization of an Ancient Philosophy:
 Ramakrishna, the Ramakrishna Order,
 and the Vedanta Societies
10. Suggestions for Further Reading

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