How We Give Back

The Deva Shop donates to several charities and non-profits including but not limited to: The Invisible Girl Project, Ramakrishna Seminary, and Ramakrishna Math and Mission's philanthropic activities.

Invisible Girl Project

Ramakrishna Seminary

Ramakrishna Math and Mission Online Donations Link


We also offer the Ramakrishna Scholarship for those who are in financial need and would like to purchase any of our spiritual books at a discounted rate. You can email for details if you are interested. 


With every purchase you make at The Deva Shop with any of our Fair Trade items, we are supporting underserved and marginalized communities. We are also helping to preserve indigenous art forms from men and women artisan communities in India, Bali and Nepal with our Fair Trade items. Check out our FAQ for more info on which products are Fair Trade. 

We offer only eco-friendly shipping with no plastics used for packaging and shipping. We promote a better Earth for a better future. 

Read our full blog post here where we outline all of our eco-friendly intentions and our honor to Mother Earth.