Selenite Tower- Iceberg White - The Deva Shop
Selenite Tower- Iceberg White - The Deva Shop

Selenite Tower- Iceberg White

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These selenite towers are super grounding and make an impression on the space they are placed in. These are very popular pieces and very affordable for such a beautiful piece. Its calming properties make it ideal for meditation.
  • Clears negative energy.
  • Cleanses and purifies its environment.
  • Cleanses and charges other crystals.
  • Self-cleansing.
  • Height in Inches: 4
  • Diameter in Inches: 1.75

Selenite meaning: selenite is known for it's calming and meditative properties, protection against negativity, aiding in forgiveness and connecting with the Divine. It is a soft crystal made from gypsum and is easily carved into shapes. Hence the selenite tower shape.

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