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Amber Bouquet Incense

Amber Bouquet Incense

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In the tradition of our Indian Temple Incense line, Amber Bouquet Incense has a light fragrance that is only slightly sweet, with a touch of sandalwood.

The Deva Shop brings you many varieties of incense from the Vedanta Society of Southern California. We have chosen this source for our incense as the Vedanta Society imports high-quality, fair trade, non-toxic incense from India. This hand-rolled incense is made of pure materials and never includes the harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances that are found in so many popular incenses. The incense imported by the Vedanta Society is truly our favorite!


Pair Amber Bouquet Incense with our elegant Rosewood Incense Burner for a thoughtful and spiritual gift.

  • 25 grams
  • Handmade in India
  • No toxic chemicals or ingredients

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