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Be Love Now by Ram Dass

Be Love Now by Ram Dass

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Ram Dass’s long-awaited Be Love Now is the transformational teaching of a forty year journey to the heart. The author of the two-million-copy classic  Be Here Now and its influential sequel Still Here, Dass is joined once more by Rameshwar Das—a collaborator from the Love Serve Remember audio recordings—to offer this intimate and inspiring exploration of the human soul.

 Ram Dass’s Be Love Now will serve as a lodestar for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual awareness and improve their capacity to serve—and love—the world around them.

An excerpt from Be Love Now:

"I use my personal explorations of consciousness as a teaching tool, as examples of how to tread the path and avoid its pitfalls. I think I do this with more wisdom and compassion as I go along. I'm still here, being a test model for the boomer generation. We all have a ways to go!

"Since I stopped traveling after my stroke, my inner work has become more reflective. I've taken up contentment as a theme. Contentment is a good model for an aging person like myself. Bringing a soul perspective to aging is one thing that I can contribute now.

"As I identify more with my soul, I feel more detached from the drama of my incarnation. As I become more aware as a soul, I am less an actor in the drama. The soul is awareness.

"The shift from the ego to the soul happens through love. You realize that love comes from your soul and the other emotions come from your ego. When Maharaj-ji said, 'Love everybody,' that's a way into the soul, where soul awareness and love come together.

"That's also the place where karma yoga, selfless service, and surrender and devotion come together. According to karma yoga, it's not even my incarnation; it's just another incarnation to be offered to the Beloved. I don't know how the incarnation comes out — that, too, is up to him. He's writing the script.

"The ultimate nexus of full consciousness and compassionate presence is Maharaj-ji's state, sahaja Samadhi, all planes simultaneously, one foot in the world and one in the void, the divine absorption of Samadhi and the ocean of human compassion constantly converging in the moment."

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