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Mother's Incense (Amber Kasturi)

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Stick incense that is not as sweet as Green Rose, but sweeter than the Indian Temple brand incense. It is one of the most uniquely smelling incense out there and it is divine, bold, musky and beautiful smelling. This is reminiscent of going on pilgrimage to India where you smell so many amazing incense smells close to public temples.

Use to help deepen your meditation. 
Also known as Amber Kasturi 10010.

  • 20 grams stick incense 50 grams stick incense
  • Fair-trade, imported from India
  • Handmade with natural ingredients.
  • No toxic perfumes or chemicals used.

Founded in Southern California by spiritual seekers and practioners, The Deva Shop provides sustainable income to artisans worldwide through our Fair Trade sourcing. We aim to give back to charities for people in marginalized communities and continue to support ancient art forms with our product offerings. We're also very passionate about the environment. That's why we package and ship all of our prodcuts in 100% eco-friendly shipping supplies, biodegradalbe materials, and recyclable materials. 

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I've previously purchased my Mother's incense from the Vedanta Society, but they no longer carry it. I found this retailer online and took a chance. The turnaround time was excellent -- I received my package within two or three days of my order. That's really saying something, with the postal service as they've been lately (I'm used to waiting days and days for mail). They also included some samples of other incense products, which was a nice touch. I miss the tubes, though, since they fit in my Cornbelly Cup (from Utah's Corn Maze South of Salt Lake City) better, but I'll figure it out eventually. The weight of the package was exactly the same as the old tubes, and the price was the same. I actually started buying Amber Kastur when it was wrapped in accounting paper. So, yup, packaging changes over time, eh?