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Sri Sarada Devi and Her Divine Play

Sri Sarada Devi and Her Divine Play

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This epic biography of Sri Sarada Devi is a must-have for devotees of Sri Ramakrishna and followers of Vedanta, as well as anyone wanting to learn more about exemplary motherhood and selfless service to humankind. Sri Sarada Devi and Her Divine Play is the story of Sarada Devi (1853–1920), the wife of the Indian sage Ramakrishna. The God-man of the nineteenth century, Ramakrishna is known worldwide for demonstrating religious tolerance and respect for all traditions. He was truly a spiritual phenomenon, and his disciple Swami Vivekananda was among the first to bring the wisdom of yoga and Vedanta to the West.

The author, Swami Chetanananda of the Vedanta Society of St. Louis, describes how Sarada Devi, known affectionately as “Holy Mother,” carried out her husband’s spiritual ministry for 34 years after his passing. Her life is a glowing example of Vedanta in practice, as exemplified by her final message: “My child, if you want peace of mind, do not find fault with others. See your own faults. Learn to make the world your own. No one is a stranger, my child; the whole world is your own.”

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Hardback; Includes 876 pages. 125 illustrations.

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